HeyScottie: First of Its Kind Automatic Pricing Engine for Metal Finishing

HeyScottie's first-of-its kind Automatic Pricing Engine gives US manufacturers the competitive advantage to easily source finishing services beyond their immediate locale. This speeds innovation, boosts production, and cuts costs.

HeyScottie compresses the ordering process from months to seconds: HeyScottie can go fetch an instant quote for your buyers without all of the back and forth communication.

  • Streamline your supply chain!

    Instant quoting streamlines the procurement process, reducing lead times and enhancing operational efficiency. HeyScottie customers can swiftly assess total costs, labor requirements, and production timelines, enabling them to make informed decisions and deliver competitive pricing to their customers.

  • Increase customer responsiveness!

    In addition, getting an instant price empowers HeyScottie's customers to respond quickly to their own customer inquiries, providing accurate and immediate pricing information for finishing processes. This establishes trust and fosters stronger customer relationships.

  • Take control of your finishing costs!

    And finally, instant quoting promotes transparency and facilitates effective cost management, allowing HeyScottie's customers to increase their profit margins.

The HeyScottie Difference

Why limit yourself to dated RFQ processes? HeyScottie's pricing engine allows you to take control of your RFQ process making what used to be a complex preocess quicker and easier than ever before.

Fast turnaround available – get your own pricing engine set up in a matter of days and start turbocharging your quote and order processes.

If you have any questions, need a personal consultation, or if you're ready to start utilizing the Hey Scottie pricing engine -- fill out the form by clicking Become a Partner below and one of our Specialists will be in touch. You can also reach a friendly associate directly at 877 330 4818.

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“HeyScottie helped us find greater exposure to new customers, they show great insight and I look forward to continuing to work with them”.

Bill Barrett

Business Development Manager.

Premier Electronics

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Why You Should be Doing Your Finishing Online!

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