Finishing Services

Easily find the services you need to meet changing customer demands, handle supply chain interruptions, and work around your capacity constraints.

  • Anodizing

    Let HeyScottie be your solution-provider for all your anodizing needs. Our instant pricing engine for Anodizing is designed to give you a fully spec'ed anodizing job in minutes, not days!

    If you need an anodizer you can trust, or if your local guy isn't getting the job done, click on the link to get an instant quote and get the help you need now!

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  • Electroless Nickel Plating

    Try HeyScottie for e-less nickel plating. Just upload your CAD file using our secure, NFT-enabled upload and get a quote in seconds!

    Our proprietary pricing gives you the best price for your job. Click the link to get an instant quote and get you going!

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  • Powder Coating

    Powder Coating is the finish of choice for metal, plastics and more. Durable, attractive, and cheap; comes in a multitude of colors and finishes. Get an instant quote for your powder coating needs at HeyScottie.

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  • Custom Finishing

    Need something else? Passivation? Chem-film? What about chrome plating? There are many types of metal finishing, click the link below to request a quote for custom metal finishing.

    If you need a new plating partner, or if you just need additional capacity for your over-worked shop, click on the link to submit an RFQ and get the help you need now!

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How This Works

Working with the HeyScottie Pricing Engine is so simple!

1 - Your prospect provides project details

The prospect uploads a CAD drawing and the HeyScottie pricing engine returns an instant quote! No more back-and-forth between design engineers and procurement teams. Worried about security? HeyScottie’s engine exceeds the latest cyber-security-safegaurds. See our privacy policy here.

2 - Receive details about your prospect

Receive all of the details needed to fulfill the quote request. Collect payment from your new buyer, and arrange shipping or delivery. Even if your prospect is just shopping, you will still collect valuable data about your target customer’s buying behaviors.

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