Hey Scottie Speeding Up RFQ Process from Months to Minutes

Metal cleaning and polishing is an essential part of metal processing that enhances the aesthetics of finished products. The process is commonplace but challenging to pursue via traditional options. Most companies outsource their finishing services, via a manual and time-consuming process. This involves individually calling up suppliers, submitting RFQs, requesting quotes, speaking with design teams, and following up repeatedly to get the job done.

If only there was a way for companies to simplify this whole process and get the best service for the lowest price in a convenient and easy-to-use model?

A company could simply share their specifications with a service partner, who can compare quotes from various suppliers and provide them with the best price for the finishing process within minutes.

Hey Scottie is a leading AI-enabled, cloud-based marketplace for manufacturing as a service that is bridging the gap between manufacturers and experts involved in the finishing process.

It uses a first-of-its-kind automatic pricing engine for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) to help them to get instant quotes while reducing lead time. This is quite a boon for the manufacturing sector, which has trailed behind in IT adoption. In addition, HeyScottie is tailored for SMEs in the manufacturing sector that have to deal with reduction in their valuation due to bad accounting rules.

“The customer downloads a copy of their CAD file onto the Hey Scottie website, and I can take a look at it and tell them how much it’s going to cost right away, in less than a minute,” says Rhonda Dibachi, co-founder and CEO of Hey Scottie

Hey Scottie simplifies the process by taking everything—from customer engagement to delivery of the product—and making it online. Customers can upload a CAD file to their portal and receive a quote required for that service within minutes. If the amount is feasible, the client can pay online and receive a shipping label to ship the parts from their shipping dock. The parts are then sent for finishing and, once completed, are shipped back to the client. Regarding security, Hey Scottie employs blockchain to securely transmit the documents back and forth. Mutual NDAs are in place if clients want a more restrictive security of their documents.

A HeyScottie client was an architectural design firm that wanted to anodize their outdoor panels with type 1 anodizing. However, they did not realize the process was phased out in the U.S. because of its cost and environmental impact. 

The firm reached out to Hey Scottie and after analyzing their CAD file, determined the type of anodizing required for the panels. It found a partner that could provide it at a reasonable price. At present, it has three services at its disposal; anodizing, electroless nickel plating, and powder coating.

Hey Scottie wants to expand these services by bringing in more pre-treatment processes with support from a team with decades of experience in the industry at their helm.

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