Online Finishing – What???

You do everything else online, why not anodizing, powder coating and other finishing operations?

With HeyScottie, you can find the best prices and best service, regardless of where you are.

Tired of being limited to the minimal selection of finishers in your area? Stop compromising on quality and let HeyScottie bring our nationwide network of finishers to you! It’s easy! HeyScottie will fetch you an unbeatable instant quote and provide free shipping labels. You just ship us your parts and in as little as two weeks, your parts will be back on your doorstep expertly finished.

HeyScottie will instantly fetch you the best price – which includes free shipping both to partner and back to your facility. You ship us your parts and one of our hand selected partners will finish your parts and ship them back to you. We guarantee HeyScottie will be cheaper, faster and better than your local provider!

Don’t let your lack of local options for finishing compromise the quality of your top tier manufacturing! HeyScottie will connect you with our network of finishing partners for the best price and quality. We’ll provide an instant price and free shipping to and from our finishing partner!

The Way It Works:

Here’s an overview of the process:

Get better prices, quality and service and travel no farther than your shipping dock with this revolutionary new service, bringing you the best in finishing services at the click of a button

Change your mind? No worries! Just send us an email within 24 hours to and we’ll cancel the job! Easy as that!

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. See our terms and conditions for details.

What if you don’t know what you want?

Confused about chromic anodizing vs hardcoat? Not sure if you need masking? What about heat treatment? We know finishing, chat with one of our experts and you’ll get experienced finishing advice. We can do a video conference to review your parts and discus options.

What if you don’t have a shipping dock?

No worries! Just pack up your parts, visit your local UPS store and you can ship your parts to us. Easy as that. The shipping is free, the shipping cost – both to the HeyScottie partner as well as back to you – is included in your total price.

US Only

HeyScottie only uses US-based partners. HeyScottie does not send out parts for processing outside the US.

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