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Metal finishing is notorious for its high level of customization and technical complexity, making it a challenge to provide online quotes and services. For the first time ever, metal finishing can now be offered online, thanks to HeyScottie’s cutting-edge technology. Say goodbye to manual pricing calculations and embrace the power of automation. It’s time to bring your metal finishing business into the 21st century!

Online Metal Finishing Services

Streamline Your Operations:

Our Automatic Pricing Engine enables you to integrate a shopping cart directly into your website, allowing customers to explore your services and make purchases effortlessly. No more back-and-forth communication or delays in quoting. It's all streamlined for a seamless customer experience.

Save Time and Boost Efficiency:

Let Scottie do the work for you! With HeyScottie, you can generate accurate quotes in seconds! Our AI engine and advanced algorithms take into account the intricacies of metal finishing and provide instant pricing based on the specifications provided. Spend more time focusing on your craft and less on administrative tasks.

Expand Your Market Reach:

By offering metal finishing services online, you unlock a whole new world of opportunities. Reach customers beyond your local area, tap into new markets, and scale your business like never before. Embrace the digital transformation and see your sales soar to new heights.

Streamlined Pricing with HeyScottie

Our automatic pricing engine is designed to streamline your pricing process, allowing you to generate quotes faster and more accurately than ever before. With customizable pricing parameters and automated quoting, you can focus on growing your business instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Our advanced technology allows you to:

  1. Web-based metal finishing service for the first time ever!
  2. Seamless integration with your website.
  3. Instant and accurate CAD-based pricing calculations tailored to your services.
  4. Simplified estimating and quoting processes using visitor’s technical drawings.
  5. Enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customizable Pricing Parameters

Our pricing engine is designed to give you control over your pricing parameters. With our fully customizable
software, you can set pricing rules that meet your specific needs, ensuring accurate pricing and consistent
profitability. Below are some of the key features of our pricing engine:

Custom Pricing Rules

Create your own custom pricing rules based on your processes, ensuring accurate pricing across the board.

Masking and Plugging Per Charges

Set your own masking and plugging per charges to stay in control of your costs.

Minimum Lot Charges

Set your own minimum lot charges to fit your specific needs.

Shop-Specific Adaptability

We understand that every metal finishing shop is unique, which is why our pricing engine is fully customizable to fit your specific needs. Our technology adapts to your shop’s requirements, ensuring accurate pricing and consistent profitability.

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