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SmartIndustry Asked Me About AI

AI will leapfrog search. Read how I suggest using AI to bargain hunt on the web.

VA Gov Looks Gift Horse in Mouth

A joint project between Ford and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), a Chinese battery manufacturer and technology company was axed by the Governor of Virginia. The project – a $3.5 billion battery plant that would reportedly create approximately 2,500 jobs – was also looking at Michigan. Read more here

B2B Search – Great Example

Search for industrial products on the web and you’ll likely be served laughably incorrect results since product specs are complex and unique to their micro vertical. mk North America’s Conveyor Product Finder does a great job of using its specs as the basis of a search by application requirements. It’s contextual, not just textual.

B2B Sales Continue to Climb

In a headline that surprised no one, Digital Commerce 360 reported January B2B sales go up and to the right: But the last three months doesn’t look that good to me.

Fun SEC Machining Competition

Four college teams from the SEC competed at a machining meet.  Each team contributed one-quarter of a larger piece, which – when put together – turned out to be a giant SEC logo. See the video here.

Manufacturing Firms Gained 19,000 New Hires in January

Unemployment fell to a half-century low. Wages increased faster than other sectors, probably because of a tight labor market. But, it’s been tight for a long time, right?

For Color Geeks 

If you like Pantone then you’ll LOVE Axalta. With trends named “Deep Desire” and “Bright Idea”, this is a fun look into the Paint Manufacturer’s trend reports.

Supply Chain Disruptions

This site is worse than The Shining! It shows – via a scrolling marquis – all current supply chain disruptions. Turns out, these things are happening ALL THE TIME!

US EPA Adds 9 PFAS Substances to the TRI

Last month, the EPA added nine per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) list. These are “forever” chemicals. More regulatory reporting requirements.