How to work with HeyScottie

Working with HeyScottie is easy as 1-2-3!

1 - Tell us about your project

Upload a CAD drawing and get an instant price quote! No more back -and-forth between your design engineers and the procurement zombies.
Worried about security? HeyScottie’s quoting engine exceeds the latest cyber-security safeguards. See our privacy policy here.

2 - Accept the quote

If you like the price (and we’re sure you will), just accept it by submitting payment and we’ll email you a shipping label. Take your parts and the shipping label to your nearest shipping dock or UPS store, and away they go!

Behind the scenes, HeyScottie matches your requested job with a trusted, vetted HeyScottie partner who has successfully fulfilled jobs like yours for other HeyScottie partners. These partners are all trusted suppliers to HeyScottie, they are all in the US, and they all are under contract to keep your data safe.

3 - You receive your finished parts!

Parts are shipped back to you, finished and perfect.

You’re done! If you have any questions along the way or want to get an update on the status of your order, our customer service agents and engineering experts are here to help.

Quality Program

HeyScottie can help you find the manufacturing service providers you need to add capacity, capabilities, and customization to your offerings. With HeyScottie, you can expand your shop floor virtually and open up a new set of high margin options for your company.

We guarantee that all sourced parts are 100% authentic. We guarantee our workmanship (for Electronic Assembly: per IPC-A-610 workmanship standard). For details, please see our General Terms and Conditions.

How we ensure quality in our partners:

All manufacturing and distribution partners in our network are thoroughly vetted and actively managed. Before bringing on a new partner, we initiate a rigorous onboarding process to audit their facilities, quality management systems, and data security practices. Our manufacturing partners are bound by stringent NDAs and function as legal arms of HeyScottie.

As a condition of being a HeyScottie Partner, we require all partners to have a Quality Management System in place in order to accept work. Quality Management System requirements for all partners include the following:

  • Overall Quality Policy and the methodology for periodic review and improvement
  • Review Process for Contract/Purchase Order Acceptance
  • Traceability process
  • Test Equipment Management Process
  • EDocument Control Policy
  • Nonconforming Part and Corrective Action Process

In addition to this, we conduct periodic, random audits with our partners.

Quality Management System Certification

Quality Management System Certification is currently being registered by ISO9001:2015.

Privacy Policy and IP Protection

Click here to access HeyScottie’s privacy policy

How we keep your data safe/ IP protection

At HeyScottie, we know how important information security is, especially when working with product design data and production high-value IP. That's why HeyScottie is built on a blockchain engine, to ensure that privacy and confidentiality are our top priority. All RFQs are encrypted with in the blockchain and chain of command and control are ensured.In addition, we have our mutual NDA for you to sign, or we will work with you to sign your company's proprietary NDA. You can email us at to get started

How HeyScottie Works/Terms and Conditions

How to submit an RFQ and what to expect

When you submit an RFQ, HeyScottie reviews it, and works with one or more Partners to respond to your RFQ within 24 hours. You will receive a response, which will either be a Quote, with pricing and lead time, a request for more information, a status of quote or we will decline the request.

In order to ensure you receive our response, please make sure that is an accepted contact and will not go in your spam folder. If you accept the quote, HeyScottie will accept your PO with the pricing and lead time quoted. Payment terms, shipping, insurance are all available.