Electronics Assembly

Electronics assembly can take your drawings and make them reality. Use HeyScottie for quick turn prototyping or full-scale turn-key production runs.

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Why use HeyScottie for Electronics Assembly?

The Contract Manufacturing (CM) industry exists to quickly turn gerber files and CAD drawings into GPS units, cell phones, garage door openers, and any other electronic gadget. HeyScottie’s CM capabilities combine common build methods like SMT, PTH, potting, and conformal coating with more esoteric capabilities like ping-to-satellite testing and co-packing. BGA and chip-on-board assembly. RoHS-compliant, UL and ETL assemblies are available as options. Try HeyScottie now!

The Process

Electronics Assembly is simply: chips- on- boards and boards in boxes. HeyScottie is capable of spinning your board, sourcing materials, populating it with components, fab’ing a metal box, making wire harnesses, and assembling and testing the whole thing. We can even co-pack.

HeyScottie has thru hole and surface mount capabilities. We can handle your flex assembly builds, your flip-chips, your ultrasonic welding and more. Try us for clean room applications, large format builds and anything that needs a quick turn.

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We guide you through the steps needed to request a quote, and make sure you know all the right terms to specify and avoid the gotchas associated with outsourcing. Simply click the link to request your Electronics Assembly quote today. All documents and RFQs are put in the block chain to ensure privacy. ISO-9001, IATF 16949, ISO-13485, ISO 14644-1 class 7 clean room, ITAR Registered,, IPC-A-610E class I, II, & III, RoHS compliant, UL, TUV, class 10K facility, and other certs available to quote. Bed-andof-nails (In-Circuit Test), flying probe, 2D/3D X-ray and more testing modes (including test and test fixture design and build), are options.

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